thanks be to god

Galerius: “Are you Thascius Cyprian?”

Cyprian: “Yes, I am.”

Galerius: “Have you posed as the pontiff of a sacrilegious group?”

Cyprian: “I have.”

Galerius: “Our most venerable emperors have commanded you to perform the religious rites.”

Cyprian: “I will not do so.”

Galerius: “Consider your position.”

Cyprian: “Do as you must. In so clear a case, I do not care about the consequences.”

Galerius: “You have long lived an ungodly life, and you have gathered about yourself many others in a vicious conspiracy. You have set yourself up as an enemy of the gods of Rome and our religious practices. The pious and venerable emperors, the Augusti, Valerian and Gallienus, and Valerian the most noble of Caesars, have been unable to draw you back to the observance of their holy ceremonies. You have been discovered as the author and leader of these heinous crimes, and will consequently be held forth as an example for all those who have follow you in your crime. By your blood the law shall be confirmed. It is decided that Thascius Cyprian should die by the sword.”

Cyprian: “Thanks be to God!”

(from The Acts of Cyprian)


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