ketika cinta bertasbih

Just watched Ketika Cinta Bertasbih on Youtube. I still think Ayat-ayat Cinta is better than this movie, although admittedly I haven’t watched the second part yet (which is another two-hour film!). The story revolved around Azzam, a student in Al-Azhar, Cairo, Furqon, his friend, Eliana, the daughter of the ambassador of Indonesia to Egypt with Westernized way of life, and Anna, a master student in Al-Azhar, who had been proposed by Furqon. The movie portrays the Islamic view of love and marriage (most frequent word in the movie: ‘melamar’ and its cognates) with various conflicts and struggles around them, with Azzam and Anna were portrayed as ideal Moslems who are just too good to be true (Azzam’s mom on Anna: ‘kok bisa ya ada perempuan secantik dan sesantun itu?’).

Some qualms about the movie. First, the antagonist in the movie, who blackmailed Furqon and contracted him with HIV, was an Israeli woman. To have an Israeli as the antagonist in an Indonesian movie is really bad, since it will just perpetuate the hatred against Israel which is quite common among the Moslems in Indonesia. I also regret how HIV virus is presented in this movie, seen as a curse and must be kept under the rug. It didn’t educate well the general audience on how to deal with HIV. Finally, I just can’t stand the actor who played Furqon; his acting was just not up to the task, especially compared with other casts in the film. Otherwise, the movie is fine. We will appreciate better how love and marriage are presented in the Islamic worldview.

Anyway, there are two poems which were read in a scene in this film, one by Azzam’s sister and another by Anna. They were asked what is the definition of love, and both of them answered with a poem.

Cinta adalah kekuatan yang mampu,
mengubah duri jadi mawar,
mengubah cuka jadi anggur,
mengubah malang jadi untung,
mengubah sedih jadi riang,
mengubah setan jadi nabi,
mengubah iblis jadi malaikat,
mengubah sakit jadi sehat,
mengubah kikir jadi dermawan,
mengubah kandang jadi taman,
mengubah penjara jadi istana,
mengubah amarah jadi ramah,
mengubah musibah jadi muhibah
itulah cinta!

Sekalipun cinta telah ku uraikan,
dan kujelaskan panjang lebar,
namun jika cinta kudatangi,
aku jadi malu pada keteranganku sendiri.
Meskipun lidahku susah mampu menguraikan,
namun tanpa lidah cinta ternyata lebih terang,
sementara pena tergesa-gesa menuliskannya.
kata-kata pecah berkeping-keping,
begitu sampai pada cinta.
Dalam menguraikan cinta akal terbaring tak berdaya,
bagaikan keledai terbaring dalam lumpur.
Cinta sendirilah yang menerangkan,
cinta dan percintaan.


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