a love story

1. So this afternoon I went with Adhi, Adrian, and Hezron to the seminar in TTC. The speaker was Stephen Green, the chairman of HSBC, and the responder was the CEO of Singapore Exchange (can’t remember his name). Honestly, I can’t really understand what he was talking about. A few points, though. He said that capitalism is not to be equated with other -isms since the essence of capitalism lies in human nature. He quoted Adam Smith: “The propensity to truck, barter and exchange one thing for another is common to all men, and to be found in no other race of animals.” Well, how about a deliberately simplistic answer. Socialism is not to be equated with other -isms, as well, since the essence of socialism also lies in human nature, i.e., to share things with others. And I have not even mentioned the difficulties inherent in ‘appealing to human nature’, i.e., natural theology. Anyway, here goes again my pretending-to-know-everything-under-the-sun.

2. I do agree with him, though, that to equate price with value spells disaster. We are not measured by ‘net worth’; our intrinsic worth came from God who created us and declared that it was good. Our house value is not measured only by its valuation (pun intended), but also because it is a home for the family. Market-based economy tends to be reductionistic in this sense. It commodifies and puts price tags to practically everything under the sun.


3. Anyway, afterwards I watched Capitalism: A Love Story with Alison and Hezron. There were only the eight of us in the cinema. I guess no love for Michael Moore. To respect a certain friend from HK, I won’t tell the spoiler here. Suffice to say, the movie will really upset Adhi who will have an interview with Goldman Sachs on Saturday!


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