1. The deadline for next year’s ISMRM Annual Meeting abstract submission has just passed. It will be held in Stockholm in early May. We submitted three abstracts and hopefully all of them will be accepted. I am pretty excited about it since it will be held in the home of Nobel Prize (!).

2. Now that I have a bit of spare time until tomorrow (I’m taking one-day leave on Thursday), let me share again what’s been happening since the madness of last month (and I missed the madness already; after busyness, restlessness).

3. As I’ve mentioned before, a drug company joined our project, and it means I can’t quit my graduate study (to put it in a positive sentence, I must graduate; nah, I guess it’s not positive enough). Anyway, it also means more pressure to deliver the project. On the other hand, it also means that I can’t continue my laissez-faire approach. I need to repent, buckle up, and get really committed to it. The timeline is set, the plan is outlined, and it’s time to work on it.

4. There are other developments about my project, yet I can’t disclose them here since it would be unethical to do so. But all of them pointed to the same direction: I need to work harder and faster (and longer, of course).

5. And there is another side of the coin. I planned to take one (and the only) evening class in TTC next semester. And apparently it was postponed. There you go; two news which are totally out of my control. For me, it’s pretty clear that this path is closed for now.

6. The best thing is, there is the third side of the coin (strictly for rhetorical purpose, do not imagine a three-sided coin). Last week Bang Denni came to Singapore to submit his topic proposal for MTh study in TTC (it might be upgraded to DTh, actually). His topic is related to N.T. Wright (both of us are huge fans of him), and we’ve agreed that I could help him for his research. And this is really, really exciting. In this way I can fulfil my desire to do formal theological works even without entering formal theological studies yet. At the earliest, he will start his study in July 2010, which will be just nice actually, since my commitment in small group will be less by then.

7. After all is said and done, I guess it’s pretty clear that my niche is in the academic world. It’s been this way since high school (nerdiness), and it’ll be this way for years to come. MRI or biblical studies, there is a common thread: research.


8. Anyway, the strings of fellowships (as Septian put them, ‘heaven’) haven’t ended yet. Yesterday I had lunch with Ming, Shelly, Alison, and Pras at the Quad (NTU-GPBB lunch?). For dinner, I ate with Herry and Anissa at the Fish and Co in Jurong Point. There were special price menus at $9++ ($10.6 nett), and I ordered one of them, Swiss fish and chips (it was nice!). Better still, the fried calamari was on the house, since it took ages to deliver it. Today, I met my small groups and shared all the things above (++),  then followed by a sharing session with Tjeli. Really love my brothers and sisters in the Messiah. You just can’t be grateful enough for them, I guess.

9. I don’t know why, but I tend to post things in numbers. Perhaps that’s the way my mind is structured. Bleh.


3 thoughts on “laissez-faire

  1. Veronica

    point no.1… kalo ksana jgn lewatkan city hall tmp noble award nya ya hehe gue ga sempet tuh dulu :(

    trus mesti naek kapal liat2 archipelagonya hehe

    dan masih banyak lagi… yg jelas jgn shopping =P

  2. Veronica

    city hallnya mah gue naek (bs liat album stadhusset gue)
    tp tmp yg mrk ks noble award ga smpt…
    iya tar gue kasi lu camera gue… biar bs poto2 djurgården


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