ad insaniam convertunt

It’s official now. I need to continue my phd whatever it takes.

A drug company just joined my project.

Multae te litterae ad insaniam convertunt! Great learning is driving you out of your mind! (Acts 26.24)


9 thoughts on “ad insaniam convertunt

  1. pedro

    สู้สู้! (Even if you can translate it, you may not know the contexts in which this is said.)
    At the moment, it must be emotional and daunting for you!
    I couldn’t begin to sense how overwhelming it might be for you, but I will try…
    Finding joy, even that little bit will sustain you in the things that you do.
    I will try not to read into this sudden influx of fund.
    But whatever you do, you will have my support.

    1. septian Post author

      is drug company always associated with money? :p
      (ur assessment is true, though, haha)

      สู้สู้ = fight fight. (context? against thaksin? :p)

      1. pedro

        “su su” is actually the colloquial way of saying “keep it up” or in colloquial singapore way “jia you” or “add oil”.

        not something profound… ‘m afraid.
        not something political either… hehe.

        so has the idea sunk in yet?
        or still in emotional turmoil?


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