the eleventh month

Last Thursday Ko Tjeli told me that one of the books that I’ve ordered through FES has arrived. Since I was in NCC that day, I went to FES first to take the book before I returned to NTU for our small group session. The book is The Deliverance of God: An Apocalyptic Rereading of Justification in Paul. It is written by Douglas Campbell, an Associate Professor of New Testament in Duke Divinity School. I’ve heard about it since it was not published yet, and I am really excited now that I’ve got the book.

Currently I am reading a few other books as well. I have been reading Everett Ferguson’s Baptism in the Early Church since around two months ago and I still have another 600 pages to go. Well, the volume is huge and it’s been a suffering. Worse, I didn’t have much reading time lately so I can’t read the book everyday, and somehow keeping up your momentum is important. Sometimes I’ve totally forgotten what I was reading previously when I only managed to continue it a few days later. Then there is this Paul the Missionary from Eckhard Schnabel. And the last one is Richard Middleton’s The Liberating Image: The Imago Dei in Genesis 1. This is the smallest volume among all and I’m going to read it on the bus and train (lately I’ve been playing iPhone too much). Good news is, November has come (your life will be on semestrial cycle if you are still working with students). And it means more time to read and hopefully I can return to my reading routine soon.


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