spontaneous regression

We often heard stories in church about those who recovered miraculously from cancer, where the tumor suddenly just ‘disappeared’ like that. Today I heard about it again, although this time it was from an oncologist who met one such patient today (God bless her/him). Basically he told us that such phenomena does exist, and it occurs quite ‘often’ actually (meaning, he has witnessed it for a couple of times already). They called it ‘spontaneous regression.’ For me, well, it puts another question mark to the meaning of ‘miracle’ (not that now I trivialize the phenomena; it doesn’t change at all the necessity of doing cancer research and praying at the same time).


3 thoughts on “spontaneous regression

  1. quadruplex

    interesting, did ur colleague mention what caused it? has any further detailed analysis been done? dissecting the used to be cancer cells and see the signalling etc? if it’s quite often, there should be explanation to it.

    1. septian Post author

      hmmm tampaknya sebab pastinya belum tau. sup gw cm bilang palingan sudden apoptosis tp itu kan ga menjelaskan sebabnya, cm mendeskripsikan fenomenanya dlm frase yg lain. klo cari di pubmed (keyword: spontaneous regression) ud lmyn byk paper jg sih, cm gw mls bacanya huhu.


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