a short update

A short update for my ‘twenty four elders’ post (as Evangelist Mark would say, let the readers understand). So far the responses have been very supportive. None rejected outright the idea. But of course most encouraged me to really, really consider about it before making any major decision. Some also asked pointed questions that made me to think more about it. And then again I still need to talk to a few more persons. Thank you; I have been blessed by your suggestions and prayers.


9 thoughts on “a short update

  1. septian Post author

    mimpi siang bolong:

    US: Duke, Wheaton, Princeton
    UK: Durham, St. Andrews, Edinburgh

    Duke: Begbie, Campbell, Chapman, Davis, Gregory Jones, Griffiths, Hauerwas, Hays, Maddox, Marcus
    Wheaton: Block, Moo, Perrin, Treier, Vanhoozer, Walton
    Princeton: Charlesworth, Charry, Gaventa, Hunsinger, McCormack, Stuckenbruck, [Iain] Torrance, Wagner

    Durham: Barclay, Barton, Dunn, Moberly, Watson
    St. Andrews: Bauckham, Esler, MacDonald, [Alan] Torrance
    Edinburgh: Hurtado, Nimmo, O’Donovan


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