dimanakah penyakit samparmu

Hosea 13.14 reads, “Di manakah penyakit samparmu, hai maut, dimanakah tenaga pembinasamu, hai dunia orang mati?” Of course, we are more familiar with the reading given in 1 Corinthians 15.55, “Hai maut dimanakah kemenanganmu? Hai maut, dimanakah sengatmu?” ‘Penyakit sampar’ menjadi ‘kemenangan’, ‘tenaga pembinasa’ menjadi ‘sengat.’ Perbedaan ini dikarenakan Paulus menggunakan teks Yunani dari Kitab Suci Ibrani (Septuaginta) dalam mengutip perikop ini: σου θάνατε ποῦ τὸ κέντρον σου ᾅδη (Hos 13.14). Ia menulis, που σου θανατε το κεντρον που σου αδη το νικος (1 Kor 15.55). In fact, most of the times the apostles followed the Septuagint readings, not the Hebrew readings, which then complicates, or at least should give nuance to, our answer to the question of what constitutes the Scriptures, which version is authoritative, etc.


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