simon peter

di awal khotbah siang tadi kak budi bertanya kepada jemaat, apa yang dibayangkan pertama kali ketika ia menyebut ‘Simon Petrus.’ ia memberikan waktu sekitar sepuluh detik, dan kemudian ia bertanya, siapa yang membayangkan ‘Petrus menyangkal Yesus’?

hampir setengah dari seluruh jemaat angkat tangan (gw juga).

now i know the litmus test of a protestant church. =p

sorry, apostle peter, but i guess ur name is pretty bad among us…

(if i asked my roman catholic friends, i think most probably they will answer about peter being head of the church…)


23 thoughts on “simon peter

  1. yosua

    I would say “oblivious”.
    Offering himself to:
    – walk over the water

    Dan gw ga angkat tangan, do I fail the litmus test?

  2. yosua

    I haven’t finished, what’s wrong with this comment box..

    Offering himself to:
    – walk over the water
    – build a tent for 3 super ghostly beings

    not to mention his quick-sword-drawing.

        1. yosua

          I don’t mean it that way.. What I mean is, perhaps, being oblivious is a good thing. Act now think later, to h*ll with your surrounding, be a man, do the right thing!

          Hm, now it sounds a lot more like what “pencemooh” did..

        2. yosua

          kumpulan pencemooh kan sering oblivious gt ama sekitar, nyerocos ga mikir dulu, ga liat tempat juga (bayangkan lagi pp gabungan malah mencemooh :P)

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