faith of our fathers (1b)

some notes from the first lecture.

1. the word ‘father’: applied only to the bishops until 4th century, but it was applied to priests and deacons also from 5th c onwards. (west: pope ~ papa, east: patriarkh ~ patri ~ pater ~ father, romo…)

2. criteria of church father:

– doctrina orthodoxa: true teaching
– sanctitas vitae: holy life
– approbatio ecclesiae: church recognition
– antiquitas: early church

3. the original doctors of the church (stricter criteria than church father)

– latin:

a. ambrose of milan: the pastoral doctor
b. jerome: doctor of biblical science (vulgate)
c. augustine of hippo: doctor of grace (vs pelagius)
d. gregory the great: doctor of hymnology (gregorian chant)

– greek:

a. athanasius of alexandria: doctor of orthodoxy (nicene creed)
b. basil the great: doctor of monasticism
c. gregory of nazianzus: doctor of theologies (analogies of trinity)
d. john chrysostom: doctor of preacher (chrysostomos = golden-mouthed, chrysos + stoma ~ stomata)

(somehow i want to make a kind of western/latin vs eastern/greek all-stars haha)

4. chronological division of the church fathers

a. apostolic fathers (usually still have connection with the apostles – end of 1st century to 2nd century)
b. ante-nicene fathers (ante- = before)
c. nicene fathers
d. post-nicene fathers

5. church mothers

– perpetua (182-203): died as martyr
– helena (250-330): mother of constantine
– macrina (d. 340): grandmother of basil the great and gregory the nyssa, two of the three cappadocian fathers.
– monica (331-387): mother of augustine


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