monster inc.

Monster Inc. is a good movie reminding us that to rule through fear is a futile enterprise (or, a failure bound incorporation). In fact, it was the monsters that were afraid of the kids at the first place. And immediately I recalled that perhaps this is the very thing that the USA did, and does. They inflicted terror in the Middle East, yet it only showed that they are actually afraid of the so-called ‘terrorists’ claimed to be wandering in this region. And I haven’t even talked about how Monster Inc. used ‘fear’ as an energy source. Oil, anyone?

Yet, there is hope. When Sulley, a monster, met Boo, a kid, then he realized that kids aren’t scary after all, contrary to what he (and the whole monster world) had been taught and indoctrinated to. To love, is to encounter ‘the other’ and to embrace them.


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