star trek

The Future, can inspire the Present. Kirk reminded (the future) Spock, who had just saved Kirk from a monster and told him insights from his era, that what Spock did was a cheat, echoing Kirk’s earlier experience when (the younger) Spock labeled him a cheat in Starfleet exam. Afterwards, Kirk was on a mission to save the earth from an upcoming Romulan siege led by Nero (an echo of Roman empire and its notorious emperor Nero?!). Then, we realized that things become a bit (no, a lot) messy when Future (Nero and Spock) had infiltrated Present. Quite logical, right?

In a different way, Future indeed had infiltrated Present when Jesus was raised from the dead. Resurrection of the dead was thought to be happened only at the last day. But then, lo and behold, God raised Jesus on the third day after he was crucified. It was the beginning of the new creation, which will be fulfilled fully at the judgment day. Future had intertwined with Present, the new age overlaps with the old age. And perhaps things become a bit messy, too, sometimes, at the Church, which struggles continuously with her new identity in Christ yet being in the still hurting and decaying world, groaning to be transformed beautifully by God. Nevertheless, resurrection of Jesus and resurrection of the dead should keep inspiring us for and in our mission in planting the seed of new creation throughout the world, praying that the seed will be transformed into a full grown tree, significantly different from the seed yet unmistakably coming from it. Live long Long live and prosper, indeed, God’s creation.


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