Indeed, Hell can happen here and now.

A serial killer group were exploiting the symbolism of Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Rev 6.1-8): Conquest/White, War/Red, Pestilence/Black, and Death/Green. They inflicted hell-like murders, which was driven by the Conquest, a son who lost his mother due to cancer, and now had to take care of his brother since his father, a detective who would work on these homicide cases, worked too much and never cared about them. Well, in fact, the whole plan is to lift over the veil (which is what ‘apocalypse’ literally means; to reveal) that too many children were neglected by their parents. It was another hell on its own. Hell begets hell, indeed. Yes, it is Hell when the Father turns away his face from his children. That’s why it is significant that Aaronic benediction includes the statement that “the LORD make his face to shine upon you.” (Num 6.25) Hell is reflected socially when we turn away our face from each other; when an imago dei, turns away his or her face from another imago dei.

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