x-men origins: wolverine

I don’t know why the Americans are obsessed with war. James Logan (Wolverine) and his brother Victor Creed (Sabretooth) were war veterans. They went to the American Civil War, World War I, World War II, and the Vietnam War (yeah, they cant grow ‘old’). Then they were recruited into a special team of mutants, before Logan left the group to live a ‘normal’ life. Of course, he can’t have a ‘normal’ life. Soon enough he was involved again in mutants-related actions, which of course involved lots of violence.

Perhaps superhero is the meta-narrative of the US of A, the ‘superhero’ of the world. There were some scenes in the movie which echoed how the US works in the world. For example, when Colonel Stryker mentioned about how the government need to take pre-emptive action to hunt down the mutants first before they come out, which echoes one element of Bush doctrine: preemption, which required “defending the United States, the American people, and our interests at home and abroad by identifying and destroying the threat before it reaches our borders.” Or, when they mentioned the cost of Wolverine adamantium reinforcement experiment, which was half a billion dollars, which echoes the super huge military budget of the US, currently totalled at half a trillion dollars. Uhm, it is 5292 trillion Rupiahs.

I don’t know whether the director consciously put these lines to take a subversive jab at their government, or that they subsconsciously use their own cultural language, or it is just me that was overtly sensitive at this kind of things, especially after reading a book that was highly critical of empire (Keesmat & Walsh, Colossians Remixed). But ‘defense by preemptive attack’ is just non-sense for me. (though, sometimes it works for football — “total football”) Just change the name of Ministry of Defense by Ministry of Offense. The true ‘Ministry of Defense’ perhaps lies in the USAID. The best ‘defense’ a country can afford perhaps can be produced by serving other countries, not by waging wars agains them.

War and violence are futile, as what Kayla, Logan’s girlfriend, told him, “You are not an animal”, when Logan had Victor at his mercy. Indeed, a saying of Barth is profound regarding this matter, “Might not the very dubious masculine enterprise of war become intrinsically impossible if the remembrance of the confrontation with woman were suddenly to be given the normative significance which is undoubtedly its due?” (Church Dogmatics: a selection, pg. 217)


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