Bayern München gegen AC Mailand

UCL 2006, Round 16, first leg.

Allianz Arena: It will be red when Bayern plays, blue when TSV 1860 plays, and white when die Mannschaft plays. The dead lights should read Allianz Arena.

Warm-up, one hour before the game. Dida.

Player introduction. So the MC will pronounce the player’s given name, and the fans will shout the surname. Michael… Ballack!

Einen Gang hochschalten, Milan wird uns nicht aufhalten!

Ballack’s goal celebration (a screamer).

Milan got a PK after Valérien Ismaël’s handball.

Sheva scored! (Happy that both goals came on my side and not the opposite goal.)

Željko Kalac’s debut in UCL, replacing Dida who was injured.

Final score: 1-1. Allianz Arena was just opened on the 2005/06 season, and Milan was the first side to take a point from Bayern in Allianz Arena. (Milan would trash Bayern 4-1 on the return leg in San Siro.)


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